Of babies and paradigm shifts

It’s funny to realize when your attitude has changed about certain things. In the past year, three of my friends have had babies and one is due in a matter of weeks. When everyone first started getting pregnant, it freaked me out a bit. I’ve known most of my friends since we were in our early teens (or younger, in some cases) and I still think of us that way sometimes. It’s a bit of a mental shift to realize that we’re all almost 30 and it’s perfectly reasonable to be having babies. The same thing happened when everyone got married a few years ago. The group has grown and changed just like we’ve all grown and changed. Though even though we are all late 20s or early 30s, we still have the maturity of a bunch of 12 year old boys when we get together. I love it.

Now that I’ve successfully shifted my thinking, I’m really enjoying getting to see their little personalities come out and watch them grow. I know when it’s my turn, I’ll have a wealth of advice and support. I look at my friends and see how they’ve successfully navigated marriage and now child rearing. I already knew I had a kickass group of friends and I’m more and more impressed with them as time goes on. That’s just the kind of group I want to be part of. For now, I can be Auntie Em and all the perks that come along with that. It’s not nearly as hard as one might think to find a plush flying monkey. 😀 Before I know it, I’ll turn around and these kids will all be in their teens. Then the real fun can begin.


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