Of 2013 and going up from here

MRI went. They didn’t tell me they wanted to do it with contrast dye, so I got an IV without knowing about it in advance. That was irritating. I feel like I’m dealing with so many different departments and people, they all err on the side of not telling me anything. Otherwise, it was relatively painless. The tech said the doctor should have the films by the end of today at the latest, so if I call on Friday and rattle some cages, something should fall out. Hopefully I won’t have to stomp on it. I haven’t spoken to the doctor at all since I had the initial appointment, so I’m not sure if I even have an official diagnosis yet. I would like to think so considering they put me on the medication, but who knows? I should also *finally* have my refund from them either Friday or Monday.

I’ve decided since the first half of 2013 has royally sucked, that can only mean the second half is going to be awesome. I’ll blow my CFA Level 1 out of the water in December. I’ll get a promotion and a $10,000 raise (hey, might as well dream big, right?). I’ll get to travel. I’ll get all this seizure nonsense sorted out and start to really get better. All my legal issues will be officially behind me. I’ll get to meet my newest surrogate nephew. I’ll go back to dance, tone up, and have the best body I’ve had in close to a decade (for those keeping score at home, I’ve lost 17 lbs since March 24). I’ll get rid of this crappy Android phone, change my phone plan, and save $430/year by switching service providers. I can start slowly acquiring every houseware Anthropologie sells in the anticipation of furnishing a new place in a few years. And I have tomorrow off and that’s always a reason to be positive. Everything will only go up from here.

Hope everyone has a lovely and safe 4th of July. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


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