Of MRI results and flying monkeys

Got the results back from the MRI. Well, sort of. I didn’t get many details other than there are “changes” to my brain that the doctor thinks are a result of seizures, not the changes caused the seizures. It’s also not normal to still be having seizures after 10 days on the medication, so she doubled the dose. I’m on my second full day of the double dose and I’m definitely feeling better. I had a seizure in my sleep last night, but at least it wasn’t 3 in less than 24 hours. My anxiety has also gone down significantly (much like what happened the first time around). I’m still keeping track of how often I’m having them and if they start to get bad again after a week or so, I’ll call back and we’ll try something else. I read online that it can take several years to figure out the right combination of meds, so I’ve lowered my expectations accordingly. I also read that taking B vitamins can help, especially with this specific medication. Thus I bought myself some B complex from Whole Foods yesterday and we’ll see what happens. B vitamins are supposed to help your mood in general, too. Can’t hurt, right? The doctor wants to see me in person for a follow up, but the first date that was available was August 30. She has me scheduled for the inpatient study on August 14. That confused me a bit. Wouldn’t she want to talk to be about the EEG & MRI results before the inpatient study? I’ll call and ask probably later this week. If she doesn’t want me to do it, I’m not going to waste my time (or money. It’s not a cheap test). I have a feeling she does still want me to do it, it’s just a matter of when. Best to confirm, though.

I took about 5 minutes to do some breathing exercises and stretching before I left for work. I definitely think it helped. If nothing else, I started the day off on the right foot. It’s not like it’s a huge time suck in the morning and I’m a big fan of the instant results.

In other news, BabyWatch 2013 is over. He arrived yesterday 11 days late much to the relief of his mother who was convinced she was going to be pregnant forever (as I hear happens at the end). Yours truly was also 11 days late, so I maintain it’s a sign of good things to come. He’s also exactly 11 months younger than my niece. I like easy to remember birthdays (though Boyfriend claims I’m magical when it comes to remembering birthdays). The standard issue flying monkey has been procured and I await the invitation to meet him and deliver it. I do believe that’s the last of the babies for a while. Famous last words, right?


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