Of angry daddy voice and getting shit done

As if I need more reasons why my dad is awesome, he got me in with an epilepsy specialist. I know he put on his angry daddy voice and shit gone *done*. I was getting really frustrated with the hoops I kept having to jump through to talk to the neurologist, so he did some googling and discovered the hospital he went to for his cancer has an epilepsy center. I’ve been seeing a neurologist at a different hospital in the same health system, but they weren’t part of the original organization. I suspect they’ve retained some of their old habits. I have an appointment in a little under 4 weeks, but he’s going to keep checking for cancellations and I might be able to get in sooner. I probably will be able to get in sooner because they’re always getting cancellations. He said he would keep checking so I wouldn’t have to. I have the best daddy ever. Be jealous.

Therapy was productive last night. She gave me a CD that’s supposed to help heal from trauma. As she pointed out, being diagnosed with a chronic condition is traumatic. It might not be on par with being raped or the house burning down, but it’s still a trauma. I started falling asleep listening to it last night. Methinks that’s a pretty good indication it was doing something. They don’t recommend listening to the relaxation part of it while driving, but there’s a track that’s just affirmations and I might put that in the car for when I’m traipsing around the city. Affirmations are never a bad idea. She also reminded me to keep up with my CESS work. If I haven’t mentioned that in here, it stands for creative, exercise, spiritual, and self care. Those are the 4 things I should try to do every day to keep my mood (relatively) stable. If I can’t do all 4, at least try to hit on 3. She even gave me mandalas to color for the creative point. I also can get back into crocheting or writing. I’ve severely neglected both of those. And coloring is an excuse to bust out my fun colored Sharpies and buy new crayons. There are few things more satisfying than a fresh box of crayons. Sayeth the 28 year old. 😀 I just have to make it all a priority and I know it works. When I hit at least 3 of the 4 every day, I do feel more stable and even. I’ve already hit 2 today. I had to pay my debt to society this morning, so I showered, scrubbed, and moisturized before leaving. Then I sat on my exercise ball while reading my daily meditation book and doing the breathing exercises my therapist taught me. I’m going to practice my pull ups when I get home to keep up my aerial strength and that takes care of the exercise part. Even if I can’t do a real pull up. Gotta start somewhere.

Hope everyone is having a lovely end to their week. I’m ready for it to be Friday to be sure.


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