Of medication changes and the naps that come with them

I saw the epilepsy specialist yesterday morning and she wants to change my medication. She’s going to switch me to Lamictal and step me off the Keppra once I’m on the full dose of the Lamictal. She said the major risk was a rash that might appear within the first 2 weeks. If I see that, I need to stop the meds and call them. She didn’t act like it was life threatening, though, just that it’s harder to get rid of the longer I keep taking the meds. As if my paranoid brain needed anything more to obsess over. I’ll start the Lamictal tomorrow and slowly step up to the full dose over the course of 4-5 weeks. The good part is Lamictal also has mood stabilizing effects. So I cancelled the appointment with the psychiatrist this morning and we’ll see how the Lamictal does me. If it fixes the anxiety, then we’re golden. The doctor seemed confident that this one would help me more. Since I’m a woman of childbearing age, they’re erring on the side of caution if I accidentally get pregnant. Apparently the Lamictal is the second safest option as anti-seizure meds go. She also wants me to start taking folic acid supplements just in case. No babies, please and thank you. Hopefully I won’t be less than useless while I’m adjusting to the new meds, but I see more than my share of naps in the coming weeks. I’ll also have to refill the Keppra before my trip this weekend.

I keep thinking it’s Wednesday and getting disappointed when I remember it’s only Tuesday. I have to pack tonight because my parents are driving up tomorrow and they can take most of my stuff with them. All I really need to bring with me is a change of shoes for the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. It’ll just be the kittens and me Wednesday and Thursday night. I’ll go into work for a few hours Friday morning and then it’s off to Virginia. I’m really looking forward to getting out of town for a few days. I think it’ll be a nice opportunity to reset.

In other random bits and bobs, no more word on the changes at work. I upgraded to an iPhone 5 over the weekend and I’ve been learning that. Boy is partially moved into his new apartment and it’s so much nicer. I love it. I’ll be totally done with all the DUI stuff except my fine by the end of August. I’ll probably keep volunteering at the thrift store, though. They’ve got some great deals. At least I’m not as exhausted today.


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