Of phone tag and impostor syndrome

I’m annoyed. I’ve been playing phone tag with my neurologist’s office for 2 days now. When I called back a 4th time, the phone rep said she would mark it high priority. I’m virtually certain I know what they’re going to tell me, but apparently they can’t leave a message even when I said on a recorded line after they verified my identity that it was fine. No, they have to speak to me. I’m sure HIPPA has its benefits, but right now I’m about ready to strangle whoever thought of it. So I’m chained to my desk until they call me back for a 5th time. Frankly, I expect better service. If you hold yourself out as being one of the best hospitals in the country, I think you could either have enough nurses on staff to answer the phone.

In other news, in spite of yesterday being a bit of an overwhelming day, I didn’t have a seizure. I started taking some of the online management courses the head of the department recommended & I got myself all wrapped up in “what if I can’t do this?”. I have a major case of impostor syndrome and I haven’t even gotten the job yet. I haven’t even applied for the job yet. Oy. I’m also a little offended by the fact that every example of a bad manager is female and every good manager is male. You’d think they at least make an effort to make some examples of good management female. The irony is this particular “class” is about effective communication. I picked a few others I thought might be helpful as well. The nice thing is I don’t have to pressure myself. These aren’t required for my job. It was just a suggestion to help me advance. I also got some cuddles and ended the day with a bubble bath. At least I began and ended it nicely. I have to keep reminding myself it’s okay to be overwhelmed or stressed. That’s normal. And I didn’t have a seizure even though I was pretty sure I was going to after how wrapped up I got.

Today’s list of things that make me smile:

*The skirt I ordered is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

*Glittery animal ears.

*Getting a walk in before it got too hot.

*Lush’s The Comforter bubble bar. It might be my favorite product of theirs.

*Having a good laugh with my boss.


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