Of things I learned this weekend and Bohemian Rhapsody

My first DragonCon was certainly an experience. Boy is passed out in bed and I’m showered, fed, and rehydrated. I worked in the same ballroom all weekend with pretty much the same people every day. We all got along really well and the room lead said she would definitely request us next year. She also said that she would recommend I train for room lead next year. I’m beginning to sense a theme here. I kept having people ask me questions or address me like I either knew what I was doing or had some kind of authority. A lot of people were surprised when I said it was my first year. Apparently people see me as a confident, capable leader. The hardest part is seeing myself that way. At the rate things are going, I’ll be a manager at work and at DC next year. I’m definitely okay with that.

The moment I’m proudest of actually came out of a really crappy situation. On my first shift on Friday morning between the first and second panels, my bag and the room lead’s bag got stolen. I had my wallet, cell phone charger, glasses, medication (!!), and other odds and ends in there. I managed to keep it together, get my cards canceled, get more medication in time for my next dose, actually get a hold of my doctor and finish out my shift. It wasn’t so much about losing the stuff. Stuff can be replaced. It was the principle of it. Clearly someone was looking to take something of value and we just happened to leave our things unattended. That sense of violation definitely didn’t sit well with me. I had my meltdown later that night and now I’m fine. It’s still a crappy situation, but it’ll get fixed. It’s the kick in the butt I needed to get my license fully reinstated even though I currently can’t drive. I’ve had very kind people lend me money or buy me food. I got to see the good that’s out there through all the crap. There will always be crappy people in the world who look to take advantage of situations and people. But there are a lot more people who are happy to help and do what they can.  I was also (lovingly) reminded to stop holding myself to such high standards and, by extension, other people. There’s decidedly room for improvement there.

The high points of the weekend:

*Sound checks to Bohemian Rhapsody

*Cranking the speakers after the last panel was over and rocking out as we took down the ballroom

*Sweatshops in the bathroom and other half awake mis-speakings

*Standing 2 feet away from Silas Weir Mitchell (Seymour from Burn Notice and Monroe from Grimm)

*Getting to see speakers I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to see or otherwise thought to see

*Free stuff

*A very helpful piece of advice on how to compartmentalize

*Only having one seizure on Friday morning in spite of having the bag stolen

*Meeting a bunch of cool new people I hope to see before this time next year

*Learning that boots with ankle support are the ideal con footwear

*Running into (frequently quite literally) people I haven’t seen in months or years

Now it’s time to kick back, unwind, and relish the fact I have tomorrow off.


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