Of things that make me smile

Let’s kick off September with a list of things that make me smile:

*My bank being super awesome after I got my bag stolen. I don’t have to chase down payments that were made the day I canceled the card. Everything is good.

*My hair smells really good. I don’t really need hairspray, but I adore how this smells.

*A comfy skirt to lounge around in on my day off.

*Doing something nice for myself without caring what other people might think.

*Being seizure free for 4 days and counting.

*My attorney. I sent her a long email thanking her for all she did for me and giving her something positive to read.

*All the cool new people I met this past weekend.

*Boy having an interview today for a real job with real benefits and a real salary, not just a contract position. Fingers crossed!

*Supporting sponsors of organizations I really care about.

*Investing in clothes, jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics that I really love even if it is a bit more spendy.

*Being able to laugh at myself.

*A boyfriend who lets me do things at my own pace, never pressures me, and always tells me how much he loves me.

*Glittery everything.

*Reading a really inspiring interview with a drag queen that makes me want to unleash my inner queen. 😉

*Eating a green vegetable for the first time in 4 days.

*Enjoying the unofficial start to fall, pumpkin flavored everything, and taking a few minutes to soak it all in before I start my day.

*Being able to start fresh.

*Airborne, hand sanitizer, and saline nasal spray to keep me from getting sick.

*Cuddles in all shapes and sizes.

*Doing something nice for someone, especially when it’s a surprise.




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