Of letdowns and back ups

I think I’ve hit the post DragonCon letdown. I’m definitely tired. Last night I got home for the first time in 5 days, unpacked, did my laundry, and then started to feel anxious. I had a lot of new experiences and new people tossed my way this past weekend. I was definitely pushed well outside my comfort zone consistently for 4 days. And that can be exhausting. So I can’t say I’m surprised I was anxious. I’ve still got a lot to absorb and will probably be doing so for a while.

It was a lot to have my stuff stolen and actually file a police report rather than letting it go. It was a lot to see that people saw me as a capable, confident, real leader. It was a lot to meet all these new people and learn all these new things. But only good things came out of it. I learned that I can keep my shit together in a stressful situation. I met a lot of cool people and bonded with them in a way that few people get to experience. I’m now part of the family and a welcome addition at that. Through it all I only had one seizure and got it out of the way early. I’m up to 5 days and counting seizure free. I see my doctor tomorrow and we’ll tweak the medication a bit more.

The happy list:

*Seeing Butch Walker live tomorrow. That always makes me happy.

*Doing a halfway decent job on my at home manicure.

*Bubble baths.

*Discovering Bauble Bar. So many pretties!

*Kitten cuddles or cuddles of any variety really.


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