Of things that make me smile

It’s Monday, so let’s start off the week with some things that are going right. N’est pas?

*Getting lots of compliments on my dress today.

*Not having cancer. Apparently what I thought was a mole is a broken blood vessel.

*Boy 😀

*Mixing up my make up routine and experimenting with new styles & colors.

*Not getting that twitchy feeling behind my eye that signifies irregular brain activity.

*Being seizure free 4 days and counting.

*Getting back into the groove of eating right and using my NutriBullet.

*All the pretties and goodies that will arrive in the mail over the next week or so.

*Making a decision on how to manage my income that makes me really, really happy. (The bills will get paid, of course.)

*The kittens using some yarn to set up a booby trap. Naughty kitties.

*Handing a difficult caller with grace, poise, and feeling really awesome about myself when I got off the phone.

*My at home manicure holding up better than ones I’ve paid for.

*A recommendation to change my diet and see if it helps the epilepsy. This week is cutting out refined sugar, artificial sweetener, and coffee. I can switch to tea to get my caffeine fix in the morning.

*Candlelit bubble baths.


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