Of being on the ball and being proud of myself

I’m quite proud of myself today, too. I was able to access hotel reservations for DragonCon 2014 & snagged not only a room for Boy & myself, but also for a couple of our friends. The whole block of rooms sold out in about an hour. The desk clerk said last year they sold out in 66 minutes. I suppose they’re holding true to form. I’d say our hotel is the nicest of the main 3 and definitely doesn’t smell as bad. I never had to deal with crowds until I got to the next hotel over and it certainly smelled better. Of course, I was also out and about while most convention attendees were still hungover. There are perks to not being able to drink.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good today. I’m still proud of myself for dealing with that difficult caller like a pro. I’m proud of myself for snagging those hotel rooms. My packages should start rolling in later this week. I switched up my Starbucks order and opted for a shaken “refresher” rather than my usual aspartame laden latte. It’s still sweetened, but I’m hoping with sugar in some form. I wasn’t able to find anything on the website. It wasn’t listed as “sugar free”, though. And it still has caffeine so I’m not going cold turkey on that. That would end poorly. I’m getting rid of artificial sweeteners and coffee this week and we’ll tackle refined sugar next week. I’m much more confident that smaller steps will work better in the long run. In the past, I’ve jumped in with both feet (surprise, surprise). Then when I inevitably fall off the wagon, I say fuck it and go back to my old habits. I’m going to go back to using my NutriBullet and adding more fruits and veg back into my diet. I may even buy another one to stash at work so I’m not constantly hauling the one I have back and forth and risk forgetting it.

I forgot my big hat to wear while I was out walking, but I did remember the sunscreen. I even had the hat in the car and still forgot it. But at least I remembered the sunscreen. I’ve also been prowling American Apparel’s website for more big hats. They’ve still got the summer ones available in plenty of colors. My current one is bright pink, so perhaps a more subdued color this time. They also have the wool big hats, but I don’t think I’ll need one of those until much later in the year. It stays hot here well into October and wool seems a bit warm for the occasion.

Just for funsies, things I’m currently coveting:

*This in Rockstar, Stash, & Bourbon

*This in brown. Because apparently finding brown mascara is an epic quest.

*This because sparkly rings are always a good life choice.

*And more sparkle

*And because you can never have too many pairs of ridiculous earrings

*This is almost identical to my maxi skirts, but in dress form!

*These are ridiculously out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right?

*And who doesn’t need a $78 wallet?

*These pants because they remind me of the super comfy pants I got from Banana Republic about 3 years ago. Though I guess I won’t know how comfy they are until I try them on…

*The aforementioned hat

I’ll stop boring you now with my fashion wishlist.


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