Of getting organized, physically and otherwise

Let’s have a more upbeat post, n’est pas? ZooBorns was a bit of a disappointment this week, thus no Furry Cuteness Friday (read-no baby large cats).

My shiny bits and bobs have started to arrive. I’m rapidly realizing I’m going to need a much better jewelry organization system. My current one is drop it all in a box somewhat separated by necklaces, bracelets and rings, and earrings and pray they don’t get tangled. Boy spent a good 10 minutes untangling just one chain for me. I probably could’ve done it myself, but he loves untangling things. There’s not a blind cord in our house that isn’t impeccable. And several other peoples’ for that matter. Anthro has some necklace trees I like, but that only solves one of my problems. Even then, I’d probably need a pretty sizeable one as I have a few large necklaces which would crowd out the smaller ones. I never realized organizing jewelry was so complicated. Let’s not even get started on my make up bag(s). I was never much of an organizer until earlier this year. I was a devout follower of “throw it in a pile and pick out what I want later”. Now it bugs me if the bed isn’t made. Not sure when that happened.

Daddums and I are going to an indoor trampoline park in a bit. We discovered it accidentally and it’s pretty awesome. We went there for his birthday back in June and have been a few times since. You don’t realize what great cardio it is until you do it for 30 minutes. Then you realize you’re in terrible shape. I’m wearing my Withings (part pedometer part heart rate monitor) because I’m really curious how many calories I’ll burn. Since Boy gave it to me about a month ago, I’ve realized I walk between 3 & 4 miles most days. In addition to altering my diet even by a little bit, that has definitely contributed to the weight loss (21 lbs and counting). My Starbucks order before we moved offices was 400 calories a pop. The one I ordered once we moved and before I quit artificial sweeteners was 140 calories. My current one is 100 calories. I also rarely get snacks from the vending machine and try to bring my lunch as much as possible. When I buy lunch, I think I’ve mentioned the salad bar is actually the most inexpensive option. I’ll get a salad and a mostly unsweet tea for under $6. Anything else in there would be at least $8. Funny how those things work out.

Off to the trampoline gym to get some sproingy time in (highly technical term)!


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