Of things that make me smile

Alas ZooBorns was disappointing this week as well. Instead let’s have a list of things that make me smile.

*1 month seizure free! 5 more to go until I’m mobile again.

*Going to the haunted house tonight with Boy & Leenie. I can’t go in, but I can play with the monsters outside.

*Our 10th high school reunion tomorrow night. It’ll be interesting to see how much people have changed.

*I made it through Wednesday without incident.

*Had my interview today. It was definitely a sales process. I have no idea how I did. He rarely tips his hand. I used to think I couldn’t sell anything, especially myself and my skills. Now I’m rethinking that.

*Pumpkin pop tarts!

*Having a much better understanding of myself and how to manage that in certain situations.

*The increasing lack of filter my boss has toward the end of the day on Friday.

*Knowing that I’m incredibly intelligent, charming, beautiful, and can own a room whenever I want. I used to think that being noticed that was a detriment. Now I’m seeing how that can be a huge advantage.

*My anxiety has leveled out tremendously. I’m not nearly as paranoid or on edge as I was before.

*My FMLA leave was approved. Now I don’t have to worry about missing work and getting in trouble for it. It’s also good through February and by then I’ll have a fresh set of time off.

*Sparkly things on my head.

*Green smoothies

*Unexpected kitten cuddles

*Spa scented lotion

*Being able to change up my hair in about 3 weeks. Not sure what I want to do, but it’ll be different.

*All the love, support, laughs, and generally kickass people in my life, near and far.

Hope everyone’s weekend is fabulous, colorful, & fun.


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