Of celebrating the good moments, big and small

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning as I was getting dressed and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t judge my body and find every little thing I didn’t like. It was more “huh, I look pretty good”. That’s a really big step for me, even if it’s just a slight shift. I’m starting to see my body for the shape it is and not how I think it should look. I turned sideways and it was apparently just how much weight I’ve lost. And how much I’ve toned up in just a week. I suppose when you’re starting from scratch, early progress is a lot easier to see.

On the same topic, I took advantage of the pull up bar and captain’s chair in the house last night. One of the other aerialists said that was the easiest and best way to stay in shape if I can’t practice more complex moves. On Saturday, I got a tip to put as little weight on my feet as possible when doing negative pull ups (chin above the bar then lower myself down as slowly as possible). Ideally, I’d be only putting weight on the tips of my toes to steady myself as I lowered down into the chair. That definitely made it a lot more challenging. I tried a regular pull up and was able to bend my elbows just a little bit more than last time. Previously, I’d barely been able to life myself up. My shoulders would engage and that was about it. This time, I actually got myself to move a little bit. I’ve been doing bent leg lifts in the captain’s chair to work my lower abs. I noticed those were getting a bit easier, so I tried straight leg lifts (most advanced is straddle lifts). I was actually able to do 10 of them, granted I wasn’t getting into a perfect pike. I was still getting my legs up to about 60* before having to go back down. That was all the motivation I needed to keep going. It’ll be tough giving myself the night off tonight, but I’ll probably still stretch. My first pole class is tomorrow and I don’t want to start out after doing an arm workout the night before. Maybe once I get a little stronger we can do that.

On that note, off to take the night off.

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