Of being a slave to inanimate objects and ridiculous schedules

It’s exhausting and irritating as all hell to have my life dictated by a chronic condition.

For the record, I despise the mail order pharmacy that’s associated with my health plan. They’re the only game in town unless I want to have an HMO plan which is totally impractical given my condition. First they screwed up my paperwork and said they never got it. Then I had to have my doctor fax my prescription over twice. The mail order company are big fans of sending threatening letters telling me I’ll have to give them my left kidney or first born child should I refill my prescriptions more than 3 times at a normal pharmacy. Finally they got their shit together and mailed out the prescriptions. I’m fine on the Lamictal (the one that works really well for me), but I’m down to less than a week of the Keppra (the one that works less well). Which one arrives first and I just refilled a week ago? The Lamictal. Though they claimed they mailed both at the same time, the Keppra isn’t supposed to arrive until Tuesday. Which is the day I’ll run out. So instead of bouncing along on my merry way and going to ballet, I have to wait around until that stupid prescription arrives. Couple that with 3 of the 4 people who usually drive me around having different schedules this week and I’m about ready to crawl in a hole and be left alone. It feels like I’m constantly scrambling to get things in place without relying on any one person too frequently, especially in the mornings. At least eventually I’ll get the driving back, but I know I’ll run into situations where my medication gets screwed up for the rest of my life. Meh.

On a happier note, one of the other couples hosted a hybrid Halloween / game night. It was nice to get together and see people we don’t normally see regularly. And get rid of the beer Boy didn’t like. We also got doughnuts from the gourmet doughnut place yesterday. They’ve forever ruined Dunkin Donuts for me because they’re about a million times better. Today may very well be a lay around half watching TV and take a nap day. Thank you, time change. I’ll definitely need my Starbucks fix tomorrow morning.

Since everyone likes to do the 30 days of gratitude in November (which I do pretty much every day anyway), I’ll knock out a few positives to wrap this up:

*Having a very productive conversation with Boy yesterday and sorting out what’s a big deal to the other person.


*My nail polish still looking good after a week

*Having people who can drive me around and I’m not SOL for 6 months

*62 days seizure free

*Rainbow striped knee socks

*Being able to go back to bed and proverbially crawl in a hole and be left alone

*Circus classes



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