Of marriage-gay, straight, or otherwise

I rarely keep track of the news these days, but it floated across my radar that Illinois approved gay marriage yesterday making them the 15th state to do so. Georgia will likely be 48th out of 50 to approve gay marriage with only Alabama and Mississippi trailing behind. We aren’t exactly known for our liberal leanings. The irony is the Atlanta metro area has one of the largest gay populations per capita. Most of the boys I truly got along with in middle school and high school ended up coming out. My very first boyfriend came out shortly after we both graduated high school. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them going to Catholic school and getting all the negative messages about going to hell for something they can’t control.

When this country was founded, it was founded on the principle that we have no national religion and the separation of church and state. We’re a republic, not a theocracy. The churches aren’t supposed to interfere with government affairs and vice versa. If a particular faith disagrees with homosexuality and refuses to marry a gay couple, that’s cool. But keep your nose out of the state’s business. The only reason the church got control of marriage in the first place was because priests were the only ones who could read and keep records at the time. I’ve heard many a talking head spout how the founding fathers would be horribly offended by the fact that gay people can get married. Sorry guys, the founding fathers were deists. God created the world and then unassed the place. Religious beliefs weren’t their thing. Of course, that’s also assuming the talking heads passed history class in high school. Most people can’t completely compartmentalize, but put your religious stick down for a second and consider the legal ramifications of your stance. To paraphrase Justice Sotomayor, if the purpose of marriage is to produce children (a very popular argument for most of these dickbags), then what happens to a couple in their 50s wanting to get married? Or a couple where one person is infertile? There’s no picking and choosing just because you don’t like gay people. You either support it all or none of it. /historian rant

I’ve never had an issue with gay relationships. Who cares? It’s none of my business who you have sex with or who you marry if everyone is a consenting adult. I was introduced to the concept of drag queens and gay relationships early in life. Hell, my ambition in life was to become a drag queen before my parents had to explain to me that wasn’t how it worked. The Birdcage was in regular rotation at our house when I was growing up. There’s a scene where Nathan Lane storms out, saying he’s going to a place that only has a cemetery. Robin Williams catches up with him at a bus stop. He tells Nathan Lane how he bought plots at a much nicer cemetery for them so that he can make Robin Williams laugh forever. Then he hands him an agreement making them legal partners in everything. I was 11 years old at the time and I remember thinking “that’s love”. And it was between two men. I’ve carried that belief with me ever since. I’ll marry a man eventually. I self identify as (mostly) straight. I’m very flattered when a lesbian tells me she finds me attractive. I’ve experimented, as one does, and I know which way is my path. I’m not going to tell someone else they can’t commit their life to the person they love just because they happen to have the same plumbing.

There are many quotes floating around the Internet relating to gay marriage. Two of my favorites are:

“Straight men are homophobic because the fear a gay man will treat them the way they treat a woman”.

“Saying you’re against gay marriage when you’re straight is like blaming someone for eating a doughnut around you when you’re on a diet”.

I hope one day we’ll all be sitting around saying “Hey, remember when gay marriage wasn’t legal?” and our children look at us like we’re crazy. All the states will come around sooner or later, hopefully sooner rather than later. And that’s my political opinion / rant for the next year.


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