Of sick dreams and summer in January

I took a much needed sick day today. I’ve been dragging myself around for 2 days and finally told the stubborn side to lay off. Considering I slept for 12 hours, I think it was a wise choice. The hardest part is getting myself to rest instead of running around doing chores. I’m a terrible sick person. And, yes, I know I’m crazy. You can imagine what 2.5 days in an itty bitty hospital room did to me. I’ve read in a few places that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar has a ton of benefits, including helping colds. I never thought my ability to do shots would come in handy post drinking years. Blech.

The down side of being sick is sick dreams. I don’t know if anyone else gets these, but they suck. Last night I dreamed that I knew someone was going to kidnap me. My boyfriend in the dream, who didn’t look anything at all like Boy but sounded exactly like him, was in a band and had to play a show. He said he would skip the show and stay with me if I wanted him to. I turned him down. I was then kidnapped, but managed to turn the tables and tie up the kidnapper. He laughed the entire time like he knew I would never succeed at keeping him restrained. I would try to hit him and nothing would happen. That’s a common theme in my nightmares. A second dream involved Boy getting in touch with a girl he knew from camp just to make me jealous. Considering he went to an all boys’ camp, there was a slight flaw in my brain’s logic. Also, obviously, he would never do something like that in real life. My sick dreams love to drag up old fears and anxieties then let them loose. I woke up knowing they were dreams, but it’s stressful nonetheless. I was asked to write a post for the crisis center I use about emotional abuse and manipulation. I think this is a good first draft.

It’s unseasonably cold here right now, so I thought I’d bring a little summer into my space. I’ve got coconut and orange scented candles burning. I opened the blinds to let some sun in and I can pretend it’s 75 degrees outside. We had some peach flavored tea laying around. In spite of being warm, it still counts as summer-y. Of course, by the weekend, it’s supposed to be back up in the 50s and raining. I’m totally fine with rain on my birthday. Three days and counting…

Also, thanks for all the love for Carrie’s guest post yesterday. It made me really happy to see the comments and readership on the post. More guest posts will be forthcoming and hopefully with some frequency.


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