Furry Cuteness Friday!! (and other notes)

Happy Friday all! And happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. I actually busted out the red, white, and blue today. I’m quite proud of myself for getting into the holiday spirit. Unless it’s Halloween, most holidays are just an extra day off (not that I’m complaining, mind you).

My guest poster Carrie now has a blog of her own. There was an awesome response to her post here and I wanted to present her larger body of work. Read, love, repeat.

Now onto the fluff!


I panda want a nap.


I seal you!


A tail of two kitties.

Pippa and Peyton

And they say cheetahs never prosper.

Whisker and Pup -- Jennie Miller

You otter learn how to swim quickly!

Enough bad puns for one day. Go light something (no yourself or another living thing) on fire & have a beer for me.



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